March 17, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~Week 15~ Spring Time Fun

What's New In Our Life
Joe was offered a 3rd shift position. This is great news for us. In addition to that I was offered a part time grooming position, I start in April. I will be working Friday's and Saturday's

Homestead Happenings
Public school children get snowdays, we get spring fever days.. Tuesday was one of them. We hit the park and then everyone played outside in the afternoon. We did get started on SOTW chapter two, the Egyptians. The older boys are working in the Science 1001 book and I am working to make some lesson plans to go with it. 

Our Adventures
Tuesday we didn't make it to our usual journey to the library. DST didn't catch up with me till Tuesday. I woke up late and we ran behind. I did go into town anyhow, and did a quick swap at the library then we headed over to the park. Scouts as usual on Wednesday. Jacob helped with planning the next camp out,   Quinten worked on knot tying and worked on his music merit badge Isaac did leaf tracings

On Our Bookshelf
The Little's Books 

The Older's Books

The Schooling Books

Our family reading time, I am reading
 chapters 17-

What We Are Watching 

My Favorite Thing This Week 
Are my conversations with Ezra. He has become quite the talker and is not shy with communicating. He has learned two new songs. I am really loving him at this stage

 Link/Quote/Photo to share
Abigail created this with Microsoft paint.

On the Menu
Sunday we had bagels and yogurt for breakfast, Dinner was black eyes peas and rice and sliced tomatoes. Supper was BLT's and strawberries. Monday we tried out crockpot oatmeal. Apple Cinnamon. It turned out incredible. I just put oatmeal in the pot with some fresh diced apples and cinnamon and a little bit of butter and covered it with water.. I cooked it for about 2 hrs on high. We had white beans and rice for dinner. I had planned to make a bean salad, but I forgot about the beans and cooked them a little to long for that project. Added some garlic instead. We had PBJ, and pretzels in our lunch boxes and I put in some sliced kiwi.. Its a fruit I don't buy often, not sure why.  Everyone loves it. Tuesday we had pancakes for breakfast and hot dogs and cantaloupe for dinner. We had tuna, crackers, carrot sticks and a pickle in our lunch boxes. Wednesday I made strawberry oatmeal, but I cooked it a little too long, so I will default to the Mon. recipe. Cook on high for 2 hours, not low for 6. We had friend egg and cheese sandwiches with tomato for dinner and Salad and cranberry sauce and crackers in our lunch boxes. Thursday we had we had pancakes for breakfast, Jacob made a new recipe. Spaghetti and Garlic bread for dinner and supper was PBJ and pretzels. Friday we made oatmeal again and Cheesy Potato Soup for dinner. We had Ramen crackers and oranges for dinner.

Additional Photos of Our Week

we figure this is a black and white warbler

Abigail drew this and Jacob carved it out with a screw driver

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  1. We had beans and rice the other day. I don't think I had ever made them before but they were delicious and everyone ate them up.

    We are also watching the Andy Griffith Show. Such a wholesome show it is.

    Great pictures and your Abigail is turning out to be quite the artist.

  2. Yep! I totally agree about Spring Fever Days! We've got them bad right now! LOL We haven't taken off snow days or many traditional PUBLIC SCHOOL holidays - public schools had Friday off this week! - but we're probably taking off a couple of days this week to visit the state parks. It's going to be near or at 70! How can we not? LOL

  3. we usually wind up taking quite a few Spring Fever Days too. Love the picture of the little turtle, and the carving!


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