January 13, 2013

The Homestead Journal~Week 57~ Goin Wabbit Huntin

Homestead Happenings
Sunday morning Jacob begged me to go rabbit hunting.. I said sure an it wasn't but 10 min later I hear the children yelling, "Mom, Jacob got a rabbit!!"

He skinned it and cleaned it and made a stew for lunch. 

I am finding I do not like this giant house. I think its too much space. It is a huge misconception that a large family needs a large home.. A large family needs a place to sleep and eat, sheltered from the elements, and a HUGE yard. That's what this large family needs. 
I have blocked off half of the home. Eliminated a lot of empty space, and closed the heaters off the best I could to save energy as well. My children don't even sleep in their rooms anyhow, they are either piled in the living room or my room. I may think I have gone to bed alone, but by the time I get up in the middle of the night, I step over 1, 2, even 3 children rolled up in their blankets next to my bed. Sometimes an extra one climbs in. Although Lucas has been getting territorial about Ezra getting in bed with us LOL 

I have also been letting the children do more of the cooking. They are all doing really well, completely on their own. Quinten made lunch today. He made two kinds of pasta, alfredo, butter, garlic and peas. Usually when we make alfredo its pretty creamy, but he used less and it was perfect.. just enough to coat the noodles and give them flavor, but not overpowering. He is also getting better at pretzels. He will make the dough at night and we will have cinnamon sugar pretzels for breakfast. 
What We Are Learning About 
Olivia has been using two dice, rolling them and adding up the numbers. She did a whole page on her own the other day.
Ezra has been using the potty on his own, and Lucas is copying him.. Its probably a dream, but will it be possible to not have a child in diapers? It would be the first time in 14 years! 

Our Adventures
The older 4 went to their Wednesday activities at our new ward. There hadn't been any due to the holidays. Jacob has seminary once a week now, an hour before scouts. I am torn, I like the fact we do not have to get up and drive him, which would be near improbable here, but I think we both miss him having the daily peer study. He and Quinten planned some activities with their new scout troop and Jacob set up a board of review for his Life Scout. Six months after that, he should be eligible for his Eagle Scout board of review. He has a few more camping trips to get under his belt and 3 merit badges and his Eagle Scout project. 

Isaac enjoyed his cub scout meeting. There are several active boys, where in the last place he usually just tagged along with the older scouts, never really doing any activities. He is highly motivated again. He has been quite discouraged for some time. It was his goal to earn every single merit badge, he is excited to pick that back up.

Abigail attended her Activity Day Girls. They discussed dressing modestly and personal care. They did their hair and nails. She enjoyed spending some time with girls her age. In our home, she is pretty much the only girl. Olivia is very much a tomboy, and has little interest in the things Abigail does. She is usually role playing some adventure with Urijah. 

Other than that, we didn't get out this week.It has been extremly and oddly warm this week.. One day we even had the windows open. it was 70°!!  They spent many hours exploring and creating adventures here at home. One day I caught Isaac bring packets of Ramen outside. They had created a campfire in the back field and were camping. They were quite upset that I made them come in, they were convinced they were camping over night. In the middle of the night we woke up to  storm and I hear Jacob telling Quinten, "I am glad mom made us come in"... See, not the mean mom after all! 

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. 

The Little's Books 
Dolphin Mission
Birthday for Boots
Troublesome Engines
Thomas and the Freight cars
My Fuzzy Valentine
Curious George
Break Van
James and the Boot lace
Why we have thanksgiving
Glasses for DW
Trail Ride 
Arthur's Christmas cookies 
Maisy, Charley and the wobbly tooth 
Maisy bakes a cake 

The Older's Books
Jacob is finishing off his insects study and his seminary reading Applied Economics 
Quinten is reading Ponds and Streams, Seashore
Abigail is Stage fright ND, 8 other ND books 
Isaac great book of ships , why are the rain forests vanishing, solar system 
Zachary is reading trial by fire, the charm bracelet 

The Schooling Books
Living in Ancient Egypt
Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia 
Illustrated History of Firearms
Baking Basics and Beyond 
Almost from Scratch 
Liberty Defined
Brain Surgery for Beginners: And other major operations for minors
Insectsiof North America
Complete FIsh and game cook book 
The encyclopedia of world history : ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged 
 The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of world history 
The joy of chickens

Mom's Books 
 National Geographic guide to medicinal herbs : the world's most effective healing plants 

What We Are Watching 

Curious George... all.. the.. time..  Ezra loves to grab my phone and watch it.

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out!

Additional Photos of Our Week

 This cat is a trip.. This may look like torture, but he actually loves this..
I have had other cats seek physical attention, but this cat will grab you and hug you, he will snuggle his face deep in your neck. Lucas loves his kitties and is always snuggling them. They are both quite happy here..

Hiding Spot. 

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  1. Ha! Ha! That's one laid-back kitty! LOL

    I agree! I think if you limit the stuff you and your family have to the basics, most important and useful then you simply don't need lots and lots of room! I've only decluttered the upstairs - I'm waiting for everything to be donated and the trash to be gone before tackling downstairs - but we could easily have 1 large closet for all our clothing, bedding, towels, etc.

  2. Those pretzels sure look good!! Might just try them someday!
    Does sweetie not make a mess of Abigails hair at night anymore?


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