November 08, 2011

Assignment #25

Extreme Budget Makeover is back to finish off the year!

So to explain the absence of these posts, I will offer up in this blog post of an unusual way that we save money!

June 25th we had an unattended homebirth. Our main reasons for doing so is not financial, but it sure is a bonus. The pregnancy and birth of our son cost me $3 for a few birthing supplies. You cannot put a price tag on such an adorable baby, but when it comes to the services and bedside manner, I much prefer the less is more idea.

The average birth in America costs $13,000 to birth in a hospital, the average midwife is about $5,000.

But back to our program. I will be posting weekly posts on ways to make the most of your budget. How have you been doing on your previous 24 assignments? If you are new, its never too late to start!

If you have a suggestion for an assignment email me at homeschoolmom2nine @

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