February 14, 2011

Assignment #10


Menus can help us trim our food budget. They also save time. This is a system that pairs a menu with a grocery list. You can modify it to fit your needs but the way it works is you make a menu for a week and the coordinating shopping list. print out your list and cross off what you have in your pantry. Take the list to the store and buy what you need to fill that list. Hopefully you have a pretty good food storage and only need to purchase fresh items and weekly food storage deals.

Take a sheet of paper and make three lists. Meals you typically eat for breakfasts lunches and dinners. You want to make them practical stuff and balanced. Try to have 14 of each. Also make a column for snacks and desserts. 

On a second sheet of paper make 2 one week menus or one two week menus, depending on your shopping cycle. You can also expand to a 4 week menu rotation but we will just start with 2 for this lesson. 

On another sheet of paper make several categories, produce, dairy, frozen foods, canned goods. etc. Go thru each meal and write down everything you would need to make that meal. For example if you are having tacos, you need shells, meat or beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream. Also write down staple items you mau use in other meals such as salt, dressing, butter etc. If you are doing a one week menu you want two lists. If you are doing a two week menu make one list..etc

When you make your list keep it as orderly as you can. Double check it. If you need 8 oz shredded cheese for tacos on Tuesday and 8 oz for pizza on Friday. Write down 16 oz of cheese on your list. Also go thru and write down staple items such as toothpaste and shampoo. 

One your menu's and lists are completed you can type them up and save them. Label them ex: week one list and week one menu. This way you can pull them up as needed. When its time to go shopping all you need to do is print your list and menu. Post the menu on your fridge and edit your shopping list and head to the store. If you are doing the coupons look for items in sales flyers and coupons to match.

Also make note of your stockpile purchases. These will be in addition to your weekly purchases. At first it will be a full list and then the cost of the stockpile goods. But once you get a system your main purchases will be stockpile foods with a few weekly fillers

I hope this isnt' confusing. If so ask questions! 

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