February 03, 2014

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 114~ Baby Goats!

On The Homestead
Our beautiful sunset
Quintens hand is healing beautifully

Angel sleeps here. Voluntarily, she scales the mountain of jackets and coats and makes a spot. No one buried her, she just burrows in. This morning she sank in a bit more than usual. We were discussing it, and I even took a photo. Abigail must have missed it, because Angel scared the skin right off of her when she went to get her coat! 

And our exciting news of the week... Fiona had her babies. Joe said he heard the dogs fighting and went out side to see. Alma and Angel were fighting, we assume he was keeping her away from the babies. Joe went out to see the commotion, and heard the baby goat. They wrapped her up and brought her inside by the wood stove. They brought momma in and went to secure her area. When they did they found a second baby. 

Alma was very protective, Angel just wanted to play. The children are in love with the babies
The white faced one is Clarabelle, the brown one is Annie. Two baby girls. 

Jacob started on the garden. We put an ad out for free cinder blocks and got quite a few, we are still hauling them. 

A few dogs from work 

And birds from the bird feeder

Additional Photos

Isaac having fun with his food

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  1. Awe! Kids! Sooooooo cute! Two, to boot. How awesome! It's just one more way God provides despite the loss of the other kid.

    So glad to hear and see that Quinten's hand is healing nicely.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your lovely garden come spring. You both have such hard working kiddos - and happy!

  2. Awesome pictures. You have a really inspirational family!! God bless!!

  3. Did u get any snow

  4. Congrats on those babies and for two girls to boot ! :) do you plan on milking her? one of our girls is due very soon! I can't wait for the milk, we have missed it since we dried them off in October.. ! And yay on the garden! I live in Maine so currently as I type we are getting blasted with 14 inches of snow .. Gardening is a long way off for me :(

  5. So glad to see Quinten's hand is healing so well. Love the pictures! Your niece love's the kids. She keeps asking to have goats but I don't think that in a condo this would go over to well. lol. Maybe when we buy our house with the inlaws I will be able to get her a goat. God Bless and Much Love to you all.


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