April 18, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 71 & 72~ No Time For Blogging

Homestead Happenings
Its been hard to keep up with blogging with out a computer. I have an app, but its tricky to do the photos and text as shows HTML instead of images as it does on the computer. 

Things have been busy. We plowed and we have been trying to till with our friends finicky tiller and the rain we have been getting.. The price for being a day late and a dollar short. 

We got the old dog a summer cut, and cleaned up the pup. He is growing so fast.. 

Speaking of growing fast, Lucas is sprouting like a weed. He is still a bit of a shorty, but his brain development is growing like a weed! He really tries to comprehend and communicate like the older children. 

Ezra loves being 3. Its been such a change in him since his birthday. He acts like a "big kid" more. He has always been independent, but seems to enjoy it more now.

Urijah has been working on learning his letters and numbers. He has also shown some independence and competence in dealing with other adults, he is clearly not as shy as he use to be..

Olivia has been shadowing her sister.. She has been working hard on learning to draw like Abigail. She has also been working more on her reading. 

Zachary is really showing his interest in being one of the bigger kids.. As a true middle child, its hard for him I think to be caught in the middle. I also think he has been more appreciative of the independence the older ones have over the extra privileges the little ones have,  such as we do when we need to "corral" the little's, usually with treats of sorts. 

Isaac never ceases to amaze me. He has amazing ambition, yet is happy no matter the outcome. This past week he had his derby car races. He wanted to make the car all by himself, and when I offered to help fix the imperfections, the was very firm in telling me, that  was not what he wanted.  He made his derby car and UnSchool Bus. He made a matching cake for the cake auction. 

Abigail is growing up pretty fast. She is still my little artist. She is also doing better with learning to cook. She spends most of her time studying animals. And she always has her nose in a book.. She is reading a stack full of books each week. She has found a new Nancy Drew book series. 

Quinten has been taking apart all sorts of things, in hopes of putting them back together or making something new. I donated some of my old grooming equipment to his cause. Most recently he made a little toy  motor boat. He is also working in a hydroponics green house for a merit badge. 

Jacob has been busy with his school work--nose deep reading Lord of the Rings.
He has a few outside projects he and Quinten are working on some garden boxes, potato gardens etc. They are both also still trying to get their scout accomplishments recognized. Its been well over a year now, and he has been getting increasingly frustrated. The child has amazing scout skills, its sad, people put up road blocks for them to be recognized.  

I have been busy with work. I have also been studying up on natural healing remedies and pharmaceutical alternatives. I love what I learn, but I find it hard to retain the info to have on recall. Good thing for pocket references ( ie iPhone).

Joe has been getting the homestead prepped and finding lists of projects. We are debating on going sans elec again this summer, and prepping to prepare to continue through the winter. The house is a manufactured home, so we may have some serious road blocks. I truly wish I had my off grid cabin. I have no qualms living an off grid rustic life, but the proper  home design is key to make it successful.

I am working on getting the laptop up and running, but for now, you can follow us elsewhere

Our Adventures
 I post photos of  my week on my grooming blog here

BSA Pine Wood Derby Time!

Additional Photos of Our Week

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  1. We used to do the same to our dog a few years back. She was a retriever mix, but got so matted. We had no choice but to shave the poor thing.

    The mud looks fun, but I think I'll pass. I am sure the kids had a load of fun, though.

    Tillers don't work too well in wet soil, especially the kind that clumps and is similar to clay. It will get there. Keep working on it.

    I do hope you get your computer situation worked out. I know how frustrating it is to need one and not have one.


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