September 21, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 96~ Fall is Here

Olivia spilled the beans. She came up to me Monday morning, saying, when Dad leaves, I need to tell you something.. I said, you should just tell me now She says, "we found a baby mouse who needs our help because he doesn't have a mommy and daddy" I asked her to bring it to me.. The story is that they found it in the barn Sunday and found an empty barn swallow nest and made it a bed. They couldn't get it to eat. They knew dad would just say it was cat food, (and he did) but Olivia figured she would play on my softer side. I will let them try their best to save the mouse, with the resources we have. I would suspect the mouse is not quite two weeks old. It has a nice coat but the eyes are still closed. I told the children we do not have a syringe to give it milk, so it has to either eat the food we have, or it will be a kitty snack. Too bad tho, its pretty darn cute!
The children nursed the mouse through the week, but he was struggling still..  unfortunately a dog snagged the mouse and nest Thursday while we were out shopping.. We are not sure the details, maybe the mouse escaped ;)

I am still learning how to use this new DSLR. Its quite a bit to remember. I managed to get a decent shot of the harvest moon.

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I had a very emotionally hard week. We have a lot of things to mull over, some big decisions to make, in regards to the direction of the homestead, the pending economic issues and job growth, or lack of it. I think as a society we have our priorities out of whack.. I am surrounded by people who value stuff.. And I feel I am being forced to live by others standards. One thing we have to consider is "what are we allowed to do" Its sad to think, our goals are contrary to the states, and in some cases they can use force to compel us to comply with their standards, not our own personal standards. And I am just annoyed with people in general and their ignorance and motivation of greed. Its hard to teach children not to value material things, when you are spending so much time chasing the mighty dollar. I long for a much simpler life. I know its not easier, but the simplicity is what I desire. I have no aversion to hard work, I just want to see a purpose in it.

 I was mulling over a comment someone made to me recently. The suggestion was made that maybe I would be blessed if I was more "obedient to God".... What they fail to realize is that I already am blessed.. with things no amount of money can buy. I am expecting my 10th child, my family is extremely healthy and I am closing in on 20 years with my husband.. I am not sure what else I need. But they see value in a persons paycheck, social status and other irrelevant things. I need to escape that world. 

  I have also been debating over what projects to focus on. I have craft ADD, I start so many projects and do not finish them. I was also trying to find time to sit down and do the lesson plans with the children. They enjoyed them last fall/winter, tho they are too busy in the summers to do much sit down work.

I hope to complete more projects this coming week. Fall has settled in. We debated planting a fall garden, but in the end we didn't. We are still harvesting a few things from the garden, mostly tomatoes and the melons are about ready. 

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  1. I hear you Nicole. I have made a lot of mistakes with my kiddos in the past and now I am paying for it. I am trying to tone things down more and focus on hard work and imagination. I desperately wish to downsize and rid this household of things that cheat my children from using the imagination and shirking hard work. I am certainly not saying my kids won't play, I just want them to find satisfaction out of a hard days work.

    It is very difficult to live a life of simplicity, when you are surrounded by a society that defines itself in what they own. Just keep moving on in the direction you wish. Reach the goals you desire.

    I remember a t-shirt my dad used to wear and the words stick with me to this day. "It's hard to soar like eagles when you work with turkeys." I think we could easily change it to "It's hard to soar like eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys."

    Have a great day!

  2. My second comment for the one day. I posted anonymously on another one. Anyway, don't worry about the "turkeys". I think what you are doing with you and your children is amazing. I hate to use the word envy but I do envy you a bit. I want something very similar to the life you seem to lead. The simplistic lifestyle seems perfect. Working for what you want to work for not what others want you to work for. Basically reaping what you sew. Keep your head up and keep chugging along. Your children are already very unique in their experiences and no one can replace that. You are giving them a wonderful foundation for their lives. Money cannot buy those things. And please keep sharing. :)


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