February 10, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 115 ~ A Reminder That Its Still Winter

On The Homestead 
Monday we woke up to this. Its so pretty and quiet.. snow has its own peaceful sound.
I went out with Quinten and we took some pics and spotted some tracks... deer rabbits, coyotes. Later a few of them went "redneck" sledding, using an old feed bucket. The others made snow treats with snow honey/vanilla.

Wednesday we woke up to this.... the storm started Tuesday afternoon. We had rain, freezing rain over night.

Of course this made for terrible roads. Our driveway is pretty much untouched, we park at the very end. but the county is ignoring our road, so many days we have to push our way to get enough momentum to slide in or out of the road.. This has not gone over well with me.. 

it melted and refroze. This is the end of our driveway

Our Adventures
of course, the winter makes for some beautiful scenery on the roads

I also was able to get some photos of the birds at work... I would like to get a feeder at home, but we have hunting cats... 

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  1. Freezing rain makes for GREAT photos, but is it awful to drive in! Look at that road! Ugh! Wonderful bird photos! Only ones we're seeing here are Blue Jays...and my chickens and ducks! LOL

  2. You pictures are always amazing. I love the one with Olivia. ;-)


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