July 25, 2009

Alot can happen in 10 years....

1998-2008. That was a busy 10 years for me.. In that time I spent 157 hours in labor.. that's the equivalent of nearly 4~ 40 hour work weeks. I have spent 282 weeks pregnant. That's over 5 years. I could also add in the 3 years and 7 mos I spent breast feeding.. I wish that had been longer...
Outside of those 10 years I had 3 miscarriages.. all around 9 weeks.. While it is hard to suffer thru that, I am grateful for the 7 blessings I do have.
My kids are so awesome.. I am so blessed with the spirits the Lord has given me.. I guess you could say I am flattered that he would give them to me.. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who has been there right along side me.. My life is awesome

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