November 24, 2012

What you should know about stomach virus

Over Thanksgiving my family was plagued with a stomach bug. We all had a very mild case and it lasted just a few hours. I wanted to share some helpful info for when your family is hit with one.

A stomach virus, is a virus. This means there isn't much a doctor can do for you. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infection not viral infections. And the flu vaccine, will not prevent the stomach "Flu". It is designed for the respiratory flu, and even then I question it's effectiveness. Also remember stomach virus spread easily so a trip to the doctor will only infect more people. Unless you have a serious concern,stay home. If you must go in schedule a time when the office is les crowded, most doctors now have a separate waiting rooms and consult rooms so the mom with the new born baby coming in for a check up isn't exposed to any virus'.

If you have an upset stomach, whether from a virus, food poisoning, stress or pregnant, ginger will help sooth your tummy. Berries of any kind are great antioxidants, and raspberry ginger ale is a perfect remedy for upset stomachs (be cautious of ginger ale soda. While the carbonated clear liquid will help, it has none of the properties of real ginger and raspberries). Pumpkin seeds are also effective in soothing an upset stomach. If you have a nursing baby continue to give them breastmilk as it will help soothe rhrur tummy and boost their immune system. Nursing also provides them with the emotional comfort they need.

To help absorb the toxins you can eat burnt toast, plain rice or oatmeal.

To prevent stomach virus, or to aid in lessening the symptoms, add certain foods to your diet. Garlic, foods rich in Vic and vit e will boost your immunity. Coconut water or electrolytes will help with hydration. Fermented foods such as cabbage and yogurt increase stomach acid and will help combat virus.

Eat well and stay healthy!!!


  1. Active Charcoal is what we use ... assuming that is the same as reasoning as 'burnt toast' you speak of! It absorbs toxins ... it is a great remedy for all ailments ... topical for bites and wounds and orally for toxins.

  2. Great ideas for those with sick ones. I am sorry to hear you all fought the virus during a vacation/break. Not fun. I think I would have a lot of trouble getting burnt toast down...but it sounds like it would work.

    I made my own electrolyte solution for Abigail when she was sick a few weeks back. She wouldn't drink it, but my son did manage to bribe her into a little bit. My kids never drank the store bought garbage. This mixture is made with water, lemon juice, honey, and celtic salt.


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