July 24, 2009

Olivia Celeste

written Jan 2007

I woke up Jan 4th around 1:30 am with contractions about 10 min apart...at about 4 am... contractions were 5 min apart.. I got in the hot shower again and I felt so much better..I was so sore from days of warm ups..

It was about 5:30 when it really got intense.. I dont remember times but my water broke and everything stopped.. cold... I went a while ( what felt a while) with out a contraction... then they were real mild... I think I strained myself becasue of it...I was just ready to get her out...

All went well..Joe made sure she came out all right , I cleaned her airways and he tied and cut the umbillical cord.. We offered it for Quinten , but he tried and couldnt. Joe was so excited she was a girl he was just laughing like a schoolgirl and jumping around :)

Except for Zachary who was in the playpen all the kids were there... I was thrilled... I am pretty sure this is the last one so they all got too see a birth.. It was also Isaacs Birthday....he doesnt seem to mind his day being shared.. He watched the baby be born and is so excited about the baby girl...

We still dont have a name and we havent weighed her yet... maybe tomorrow.. I would guess about 8 1/2 #.. not as big as one would think :)

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