May 05, 2014

The Homestead Journal ~127~ Winter is Hijacking my Spring

On The Homestead 

We put the compost toilet outside in the excitement of warmer weather.. How ever my spring has been hijacked by some left over winter. We hoped to take the wood stove out but we had two nights that were in the 40's.

Jacob built this.. 

Quinten built this.. a sleeping loft for him, a sleeping spot for Maggie. 

Abigail is great about making sure we have fresh flowers on our table 

Our local Walmart finally had .22LR's!! One box per customer... we got the second to last box..
( for those that don't know, Its been nearly impossible to find .22LR's (bullets) for over a year now)

Olivia and up got to take a refresher shot or two..If we are blessed the older boys will get a turkey or two! 

Olivia I am very grateful my daughter has the freedom to learn to hunt for food, protect herself from wild animals or other humans who may try to harm her.....although with Olivia, she could probably take down bear with her bare hands

Zachary did a great job. Quinten was the only one to hit his target . 

My handsome boy! We should have a name to share next week...

Quinten found this on our cedar tree by the driveway.

Pretty neat little parasitic plant isn't it!

Our Adventures
 The children have been visiting this Canadian Goose nest at the lake a few days a week. The first day they saw the nest momma wasn't there.. They went back again and got this photo of her... When they did daddy came from the lake with his warning noises. He was pretty serious too.. They have been checking back to see if her eggs have hatched..

Yesterday they went by, mom and dad where no where around and the eggs were gone.. The nest was destroyed and there were no broken shells.

It could have been a large raccoon or maybe a fox. Hopefully it wasn't a person. They are also watching a Mallard nest. Her nest is a little better hidden. 

Some grooming photos.. 

We are still working on a milk supply for the baby. My pump came in and I am building up a supply. In the meantime we are on the road quite a bit. A little too much wear and tear on this tire. Time for a new one,
Good thing we have a full size spare!

Additional Photos

I was sitting in bed holding a sleeping  baby looking at the sunset, debating if I should risk waking him to get a photo. Then one of the children said "Mom, grab your camera, there is a rainbow". 

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  1. Glad to hear your pump came. I hope you can use it for what you needed it for. I love the "bathroom". It looks great! The picture of the tire change looks familiar. :)


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