May 25, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 76 ~ A photo journal

I am still without a computer but blogger has made it easier to blog from the app. So here is a photo journal of our week, with photos taken from my phone. Isn't technology fascinating!!

Sunday we skipped church and went for a Sunday drive. It's so pretty out here

This was really neat. Behind me was higher cliff and they we flying right over me. 

We stopped at a yard sale and loaded up a bunch of stuff for $25, this was my find!

Olivia snagged this from the yard sale, Abigail helped her paint it

  For dinner 
On our adventure we collected some turtles. Rescued from the road, the next day we built them a habitat.

Zachary adopted a hamster.. It was previously named Marshmallow.

Wednesday after work we took a drive and stopped to check out some campsites.  Another beautiful day!

Homemade pizza for dinner one evening

Potato corn chowder. 

Abigail made blueberry pie

Saturday breakfast

Jacob drew this beagle
I took this a few weeks ago, I just forgot it was on my phone. 

And this one has escaped upload as well. I just love it!


  1. I love the beautiful pictures! Congrats on your yard sale finds!

  2. LOVE the pics!!! The kids are growing so fast!!

  3. Great pictures!

    I would venture to say the turtles don't smell nearly as bad as our ducklings do. I would probably trade any day. :D

    The blueberry pie looks amazing. I want one now. Hah! I love blueberries and can't wait for our bushes to produce lots. I will just need to make sure I get out there before the deer do.

    The land looks beautiful. I love the green of spring.

    How is your garden doing?

  4. Good job Abigail & Jacob!! That last one of Ezra & Urijah
    is priceless!


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