December 15, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 53~ Fresh Deer and New Glasses

Homestead Happenings
  We have had one crazy week. I am going to forgo the normal format and just go through the past 7 days for us. 

Last Sunday was our normal Sunday that we stay home. We had a lovely visit from my littles primary teacher. She makes a point to bring them their lesson. I love that she takes time out for my family. She has an amazing spirit. I also spent the afternoon giving the boys haircuts. Her sister, who is also in primary came with her three little ones. My children were so excited to see the babies.  

Monday was back to the grind, grooming dogs, and after work, we finished helping a friend from church unpack.  Tuesday evening I attended our monthly Relief Society activity. Of course this months theme was Christmas, however it was interesting to me, that our  meeting that night did not have anything with our savior or his birth. I did not even see a nativity, but there was a Santa Claus statue on the table with the gifts "Santa" brought. I was also disappointed that Santa didn't shop from the LDS bookstore, church website or from Deseret Books. I expect His birth to be ignored and downplayed in the secular world, it was heartbreaking to see it in our very own Relief Society.

My challenges  didn't end there. I found out that my bishop was questioning other members association with me. He also expressed concern that I was "unduly" influencing others to homeschool. I have dealt with bias from him before, but this had us very upset, because its being spread to other members. The next morning we found out that our missionaries have also been "spoken to" about us. That  evening at the young mens activity, my husband was pulled aside and confronted by the bishop and 6 other priesthood members, telling my husband that our family was no longer welcome. This was extremely upsetting for my family and we spent that evening trying to rectify the situation. It was an unfair, biased decision based on personal opinions and not backed by church policy. We are working through it, I still have a lot of emotion built up. I have also  had several members question my loyalty to the church as I have been asking a lot of tough questions and expressing some "radical" opinions pertaining to the gospel. I do want people to confuse honest questioning of certain teachings, with rejection of the gospel. It is not my goal to break apart or change the gospel truths, rather to strengthen them by sharing those truths with others who seek them. I also want to say that I love my Church, I believe it is the true church and that it holds the priesthood keys. I sustain our prophet and president as well as those who serve under him all the way down to the bishop who I am having issues with. All men are fallible and all men can be forgiven. Jesus didn't establish a church for perfect people. I am grateful I can also be forgiven for my reactions and grow from this as well. 

We did have some blessings as well. Sunday we had a full deer donated to us by "The Farmers" our neighbors who lease the land around our home. Jacob and Quinten butchered it on Thursday morning. We have also had several people donate groceries to us. Its nice to know there are people out there who care about our family. I only wish I had more to give in return. We have been trying to make time for more acts of service, we are just limited by gas prices and wiggly little ones. 

I was hoping for a quiet night Thursday, but I forgot I had promised the children we would make it to the library. So off we went. They have this engineering exhibit there till February,  the children had a blast with the displays. The favorite was the building an arch, you had to build it laying down then raise it up. It was tricky but look... success!! 

Friday I took Abigail into work with me so we could pick up her glasses. On the way in the transmission temp light came on. I called Joe and he said to pick up some fluid after work. Well it never made it to work. I lost first gear about 3/4 ths of the way to work. A co-worker came and rescued me. After work I made some calls and got it towed to a place in town who will diagnose my big beast on Monday. I hope its something simple, but with us, it never is. Sadly we will miss our Sunday at church. Another co worker was a dear friend and really helped me out that afternoon. I was able to get to all the places I needed to go, including to get Abigail's new glasses. Joe borrowed a truck from one of our church friends and came to rescue his girls. We took a major step with Jacob as well. We left him home to babysit. He did a really good job, everyone said he did. Its a big step for me as a mom, but he really proved himself, not that I doubted him tho.  It was about 9 pm by the time we were able to head home. This Momma was tired!! Before bed, I had to snap a photo of my passed out boys. You know, it doesn't matter how many beds we have, or even how many bedrooms, they all end up hog piled at night to sleep. 

This is my beautiful little mini me in her new glasses
I cried a little on the way home with her. She had a grin from ear to ear at all the things she could now see clearly. I do not think either of us realized how bad her eyesight was. She kept saying, "wow, I didn't know that looked like that!" She was just so excited. And I was so excited for her. But I was also saddened to think she went so long not seeing things correctly. She said she just thought thats how things were supposed to look. I am just so happy for her now. Olivia said she looked like Mary from Little House and told us of the episode where Mary hid her glasses then forgot where she hid them. 

Saturday I didn't leave the house! Yay! Well almost, I spent a large portion of the day purging and packing. Our house has been marked for sale, they should close after Christmas. We cannot afford the asking price, or any price for that matter. I will miss this place, but the Lord has a new mission for us. Not sure what it is yet, kind of hoping he lets me in on it soon tho! 

While I was waiting for Abigail's glasses, I had a chance to check Facebook. I was  grateful I was so busy, that I didn't hear about the school shooting till the end of the day. I know children die every day, from accident, illness etc, but this was just intense. So many little ones at one time. I cannot imagine being an emergency responder at the scene, I cannot imagine being a child who survived such an event, and I certainly cannot imagine being the parent that got the dreaded news, that my child was gone. When ever I hear of something like this I think of my own little ones. I thought of my 5 year old Olivia and my 7 year old Zachary and how my life would be if they were suddenly gone. Would I have the strength to go on, would I have the faith in God to help me through the pain. I hope I never have to find out. 

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  1. <3 Wow, what a week! I am praying that the transmission problem is an easy (and cheap!) fix... still looking off things up this way... love you! Maria was the same way when she first got her glasses... now I have to badger her to wear them... sigh... :-)

  2. That's what is hard about renting homes. I am sad to see you have to pick up and move again. We just recently went through that as well. Like you we just used it as an opportunity. Honestly I was ready for it. It was the push Greg needed.

    I am sorry about the church. I know how much you loved it. Really is just not right.

  3. I am sorry about all the troubles you have been having. It seems sometimes that when it rains it pours. Crazy stuff. I do pray God provide a home for you. I also pray he provides some answers to all your church issues. It seems so much worse when all the troubles come from your church family. It's all wrong.

    I found the deer picture gross. However, I know that is a fact of life. We will be learning that process soon enough.

    I can understand the sadness about Abigail's vision. I know how sad it can be to have a child who doesn't see well. I have two children legally blind and no way of correcting it. I am glad to know that God has a plan for them. I always remind myself they don't have any idea of what it is supposed to look like. This is how God planned for them to see. What a blessing for Abigail to be able to see things clearly now.

  4. Wowzers! What a week! I read about church on FB. I don't understand how a church can kick anyone out that wants to be enlightened. :( Abigail's adorable in her glasses!

  5. Again, what a week! I'm so glad you got Abigail her glasses! From what you told me, she needed them. And she looks cute. Praying everything works out for good for ya'll.


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