February 10, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~Week 61~ Baking and a Budding Photographer

Homestead Happenings
It was another crazy weather week.. Freezing temps one day, 60's the next.

I have been working on getting the little ones readjusted to routine. While I understand and appreciate the complete free range parenting ideas, I still find myself making sure my house is run a certain way. I have also been trying to find ways to organize my head again. It was something I use to master, but recently I am lucky if I can get 3 meals done on time. I feel like I am in a tailspin. Hopefully it will all end soon. 

We are working on picking up after ourselves... everyone.. 

We have been growing scallions on the window sill and sprouted garlic last week

I am going to post personal interviews with each child. If you want more info,  see this post here 
What We Are Learning About  
We have done very little by way of reading, but we have had lots of hands on learning. On Tuesday, Olivia made pancakes almost by herself ( I helped with the mix). Abigail and Quinten have been working on baking.. Abigail even tried her own cookie recipe (see heart cookie).


Tuesday the girls found a paper doll book, and we cut out some paper dolls. The boys became intrigued and we cut some out too. There were men, women and children in the book, so they all had a blast.

Our AdventuresI worked on Thursday. I am hoping to get  more days in next week. One day just doesn't cut it. You can see my grooming blog here. There were no church activities this Wednesday, so everyone stayed home.  Jacob went to a church dance Saturday evening. He looked so handsome. I can't believe he is 14. He asked a girl to dance and he said one girl asked him to dance.

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. 

The Little's Books 

The Older's Books

The Schooling Books
Living in Ancient Egypt
Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia 
Baking Basics and Beyond 
Almost from Scratch 
Liberty Defined
Brain Surgery for Beginners: And other major operations for minors
Insects of North America
The encyclopedia of world history : ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged 
 The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of world history 
The joy of chickens

Mom's Books 
 National Geographic guide to medicinal herbs : the world's most effective healing plants 

What We Are Watching 

Curious George... all.. the.. time..  Ezra loves to grab my phone and watch it.
Man vs Wild.. Bear Grills is crazy.. This is why I don't desire to travel.. 

Myth Busters.... always fun, we need to emphasize "do not try this at home

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out!

Additional Photos of Our Week
 Ezra got something in his foot, and we were soaking it, Lucas wanted a turn.
We put chickweed salve on it and it is healing nicely


 Our 11 year old pyr and our 5 month old pyr.. Alma is trying to be friends, Taylor prefers solitude
He gave up... for now.

 Abigail helped him build a pretzel house

Abigail set out Saturday afternoon, camera in hand, these are some of her photos

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  1. I always enjoy your blog. The moments you capture with your camera are amazing to me. So real and true to life.

    I love that you let your kids cook , so many parents don't let their children do these kinds of things.They need these real experiences that they will carry into their adult life. It is such a gift that you are giving to your children.

  2. A dance?! Nooooo! LOL Are you ready for the dating years? I'm not! I'm kinda glad Jake isn't all that interested in dances...but he's been going to high school basketball games with his buddies most weeks lately (and I've heard tell of some girls hanging out with them).

    Look at all your bakers and cookers!

    I think even free range kids need some structure and expectations. Sure - give them plenty of time to explore and play and study things they're interested in and try whatever - but everyone has to follow rules and help out.

  3. It is always nice to see the young ones in the kitchen working away at creating food. Good for them. And, good for you keeping to a routine as much as possible. I know it's hard being a single parent, even for a few weeks or months.

    The kids look great. Take care of yourselves.

  4. She is a great little photographer!

  5. Went to a dance huh?!?!?! :) Good for him! :) Growing up. That will be weird for me to let my kids go dance with someone I don't know! :)

    Good post!
    Keep going forward!

  6. My kids like to watch Mythbusters, but you are right. I worry that they WILL try this at home! lol


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