September 15, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 95~ A Broken Down Van

We started our week with a van that wouldn't start. A few weeks back the engine light came on and we had it tested.. Spark plugs.. Oh those are simple, we will get to them later......

Well later turned into much later.. procrastination right!
So Monday when the van didn't start, my first thought was a dead battery. We hooked it up a viola! it started..... but it didn't stay started..

We replaced the spark plugs, but the van was running rough. The next day we purchased and replaced new wires, new ignition cap, rotor and coil.

The children loved it. They had so much fun. They are are very hands on children and they learned a lot. 

What a difference! But it still drove like a machine gun. Not sure what it was. Friday I  drove it to the service center we used with our last repair.

My instructions were specific.. They were to identify the problem and call me with a price quote.. 

A few hours and $70 later, they said we had a few wires crossed..
Umm.. Wait..

So I was already agitated. Pick up the van, engine light is still on. Its driving much better, but its not 10%.. Service center is closed. 
I take it to our local auto parts store, their test says that 6 & 8 are misfiring.

Now I am really agitated.. I called Saturday and they said they just forgot to reset the sensor. If so, did they really charge me $70 to switch two cords? Or did they charge me $70 to do a half ass job?
Tune in next week to find out.... 

Fall is creeping in. The weather is getting cooler at night. We had to close the windows at night. I actually like Autumn. I am a light sweater kind of person. I love the colors, the change of air.

This is our old girl. She has been staying under the van at night.. She was fairly clean in this photo.. You should have seen her a few days later! 

we had a major flea infestation over the past few weeks. We finally have it under control, but she was really effected. There were more on her than the other 2 dogs and 2 cats combined!
Maybe its because she is so sweet!
With her arthritis, and the fleas, she was a little weak. 

We gave her a little treat. Quinten made her egg and veggie tortillas! 
She was up playing a little bit later.

This is her before and after, taken with my phone at work

Our garden is still producing. I am still snacking on our cherry tomatoes.. And my habits have greatly influenced my children. I would say half of our tomatoes actually make it into the house. 

If you are a numbers person, you can appreciate this birthday

on Friday Septemeber 13, 2013
Quinten turned 13! 

He and Abigail made this birthday cake and frosting from scratch. Quinten designed it. 

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  1. How frustrating on the van! I'm sure you'll get it figured out. Sam watched You Tube videos are replacing headlights, then we went and bought bulbs and he replaced them for me. I was a little scared since the bulbs were each $25, but he did an awesome job! They've worked great ever since! For these "little things" I'll let the 8-year-old get to work! LOL

  2. I agree with Jessy. completely frustrating. I am convinced that these repair shops tweak things just for the chance we would come in to have them fixed. It's insane. As if insuring and registering these vehicles isn't enough, we have to pay a huge amount to fix them.

  3. With you all,we TRY to do all repairs ourselves.Luv the dog pics


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