December 31, 2011

Chore Lists and Rewards Charts

Chore Wheel : This wheel is by far the best way to
distribute chores in our home. We have been using it for nearly a year. It is easy to manage. And its fair.

The wheel turns daily. This gives each child a new chore each day and they get each chore for 3 days. The benefits of this is that they get enough time to get a chore done well, but do not feel stuck in a rut with the same chore day after day. The layout was a bit strategic. For example, the meal helper and hall and stairs will not be given to the same pair, as hall and stairs is done as we come down for breakfast. Also the pair doing the kitchen and the pair doing the dishes are split between the olders. Jacob and Quinten are the two oldest, so I put them as opposite.

We also a instituded a rewards system to go with this. We started this in the beginning of the summer. The Rewards Ladder is broken into 5 point increments. These points are earned by doing good things, being kind and helpful, doing chores etc. Points are lost when being disobedient, mean, lazy etc.

The points can be used to redeem various prizes.
25 points is = 15 minutes technology time, computer phone etc.
50 points is = 30 min etc.
each point can be redeemed for .01¢
50 points is a fun size candy, 100 points can be redeemed for a prize from the prize box. Prizes in the prize box include items we have gathered here and there such as notebooks, crayons, slippers, matchbox cars etc.

To make chores a bit easier for the younger ones, I have made these check lists. Each completed task on the card is worth 5 points. So if you complete your chore, say your chore is dishes, you get 5 points. Some chores are done 3x day, some as needed, usually once.  (click to see larger)


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  1. This is awesome! i love your ideas and i hope you dont mind if i copy some!!


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