May 20, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~Week 22, 23, 24~ Garden Take #2

On The Homestead
Thanks to a friend, we have our garden tilled and now planted.. and our corn spinach and lettuce sprouted, but the ground was too hard for anything else to sprout. 

Our Adventures
What a month May has been. We met a sweet little family at the library. They are just starting their homeschool life. We had them over for lunch. We have taken a few opportunities to go on our back road drives and enjoy the beauty of Kentucky. We have been down to the lake a few times as well. 

What's New In Our Life
well life throws curveballs. we are now working odd jobs, diversifying our inome and focusing on our homestead. I am grooming a few days a week and Joe is working odd jobs, taking care of cows etc. We are trying to build up our homestead business and hope to have a few products available soon. 

On Our Bookshelf
I have a few more garden books. Jacob is really into biographies and Quinten is studying weather. Abigail usually has a horse book in her hand and Isaac is reading the Book of Mormon and a book on Joseph Smith. Zachary is reading a few church books as well. f
 Challenges/Accomplishments This Week

the biggest challenege has been blogging from my phone.. I just discovered this blogger ap so I am testing it out.
My Favorite Thing This Week 
Lucas is trying so hard to walk but he just doesnt trust it yet.. soon tho! f

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  1. Hmm...I hope more veggies sprout for you! We just rototilled yesterday and we got some compost from the Transfer Station to add to the soil. We still have more to add, but we should have the garden fully planted in 2 days! Our pumpkins, cucumbers, gourds, tomato, beans, and peas have sprouted in either the mini greenhouses or Sam's little raised bed.

  2. Keep it up! You'll get the gardening thing. Maybe you could do a vertical potato garden?

    I am amazed at the subjects your kids are into, but I suppose I shouldn't be. My son love to study things like that. My oldest also always has a horse book in her hands. Good stuff to know.


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