July 30, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 33~ Summer Fun

Homestead Happenings
Sunday after church one of our dear friends Sis N, invited us over for ice cream cones. We love visiting her and my children love her. She has a great spirit, and having raised a half a dozen children herself, she knows the blessings of a large family.

Lucas is a huge source of entertianment right now. He walks around mooing. He is learning new words. The other day he peeked his head around the corner and said "Hi!" He also figured out how to use a straw, but didnt like the fact he couldnt reach the ice

Our generator broke down. its under warrenty, but the process is going to take a few weeks. So my computer time is limited once again.

Neat Things We Are Studying
Insects--- and we have lots of them.

Lesson plans to come next week 

Our Adventures
We are still baby sitting cows and they are all to familiar with us. We drive up and one goes to my husbands window, one comes to mine and the other two go to the children's windows. We usually give them some grain, or carrots or apples.  Monday we went to the church and  helped the Young Women prepare for their yard sale, then Daddy took them to the park. When we got home, they made a slip-n-slide. Oh what fun they had! Saturday we went to the Pioneer Day Picnic. The children had a blast. There was a huge potluck and a pioneer themed play put on by Abigail, a few other Faith in God girls and her brothers chipped in to help. We all had a great time. I wish we could do that more often

My Favorite Thing This Week 
Lucas has been so sweet with his kisses. Sunday I was overly frustrated after burning Olivia's pizza I was crying. I was nursing Lucas to sleep when he sat up and gave me a big ole kiss, right smack on the lips. Made my heart melt. 

 Link/Quote/Photo to share
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Additional Photos of Our Week

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  1. Just a note about your first picture there. That is not a velvet mite as described on the page, but a velvet ant, also known as a cow killer. It is actually a type of wasp and the female's sting is very painful! :-)

  2. Wow, my phone is really glitchy if it posted 3 times... sorry about that!

  3. I love the slip and slide. Your family is so creative.

    Do you run your whole house on a generator?

  4. currently we do. I would like to get a solar panel system going soon, for basic stuff like the computer and toaster. We hope to have wood heat this winter. We use gas to cook. We run the generator a few hours each day.


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