March 10, 2011

Assignment #16

Do it yourself project can save you tons of money. But remember, do not try anything that can turn out to cost you more in the end.  But many simple projects can be done by anyone. Minor plumbing repairs, automobile maintenance etc. I have learned how to do minor electrical repairs from working on my grooming equipment.

 I do all the haircuts for my family. Every 4-6 weeks I spend about 2 hours cutting hair. At an estimated $10 a person this save me about $80. 8 times a year =$640

If you are crafty you can make many decorative items for your home, many from recycled products. These can also make great gifts!

Try a DIY project this month and share it with us!


  1. Actually I did 2 things. First, I looked online and found some videos on how to layer your own hair and I cut and layered it myself. Last time I had it done at a salon they charged me $20 and it was awful, not even layered, and the stylist cut 6 inches off the length after I told her 1/2 inch off the length and just layer it.

    Second, I colored my hair myself. Salon price: $65.00 My price: $7.00

  2. My ILs gave me a new trimmer/clipper and I just trimmed the boy's hair. DH is next. And I trimmed Cati's bangs.

  3. I cut my family's hair too. My husband likes his short, so it ends up a lot sooner than 4-6 weeks. It does save money though. I haven't built up the courage to try my own hair, but will work that in soon.

  4. We cut the boys hair at home but my daughter and I go in for a good haircut(8.00 on tuesdays) about every two or three months...I trim bangs in between. I just haven't figured out layers and she is WAY too wiggly:).


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