September 05, 2012

Free Photo Programs

I have been asked by many, where do I edit my photos. I know there are wonderful expensive programs, but I use FREE. I sometimes edit my photos for quality, but now, mostly to have them watermarked. I do not mind sharing my photos, but I do not want them fraudulently used.

Recently I have started using PicMonkey. I was using PicNik but they moved over to Google+. I use the free version of this program. I don't do much by way of editing, mostly watermarking. They do have some great options on here, and its fun to use. You can edit one photo, or make collages such as the one above for your facebook cover image. ( dont forget your profile photo square when planning your layout) You don't even need to register. I use this program daily.

I  use Photoscape to make blinkies, and other Gif programs. I also use it to resize photos. Its a very simple, easy to use program. I forget that I have it and I really want to use it more.

I store my graphics on Photobucket. I was also storing all my photos here, but I stopped and moved them to an external hard drive.. After lesson learned ( external hard drives fail too) I am currently looking for an alternative as my free Photobucket space is getting full. Photobucket also has editing options, but I find its a few extra steps for me right now as I store my photos on the computer.

On my phone I have been using PicsArt. This allows me to watermark my cell phone photos. It also allows me to save online photos to my phone and upload to Facebook without any advertising tags like Instagram uses.

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