March 14, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 118 & 119~ No Baby Yet

On The Homestead 
I skipped blogging last week... I just didn't have it in me..
Things are getting busier around here.. 

Miss Maggie loves the camera.. Unlike Alma she will smile for us!

Little Miss Clarabelle.. I think she is 5 weeks here. 

We have seen this all over FB and Pinterest so the children 
gave it a whirl last week.. 
This one is mine. 


Lucas being silly 
Isaac's "mug" shot
snow, sun, snow, Mother Nature is bi polar.

These two have an unusual relationship.. Angel ( the boxer) and Banjo ( the goat) love to play rough. They both know not to play hard with any of the other animals but they spar often with each other..

Angel will ram heads with him.. She loves to do it and since no one else will ram heads, he thinks she is just awesome... And the female goats are grateful, as Angel distracts him from harassing them.. And Angel gets to burn all her boxer energy since the Pyrs are a tad lazy.

He got her on the side here, not hard tho, just trying to get her attention, as they had both just come over to see what I had brought home ( grocery bags-- nosy animals)

Our seeds are sprouting! 

This is what my bed looks like most mornings. Out of one bed and into another! 

Most recent photo of me.. I am not sure why it wont load better but the 
sepia color looks faded..
38 weeks 5 days pregnant

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  1. Always wondered if that hand thing worked! It does! LOL Too funny about the dog and goat! Cute pucker lips! Looks like you are settled in and enjoying your space!

  2. Great pictures. I love the one of the kids in bed. Looks cozy.

  3. Love the mug shot!! And the teeter totter is awesome.


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