November 12, 2013

The Homestead Journal~Week 103~ Baptism of Zachary Michael

On the Homestead
We have been busy working on getting the cabin situated. We have so much work ahead. And I do not like the cold. I really think humans should hibernate like bears!

I had a little bet in my head, on how long it would take before someone decided our way of living isn't up to their standards, and then decided the state should have the authority to dictate if in fact my family should be allowed to make these choices. 

11 days, it took 11 days. We received a phone call. An anonymous ( read coward) had called the state. Of course this resulted in a one hour+ phone call with my husband. Anyone who knows him, know what that was like. They spent about 5 minutes on the details of the call and the rest of the time, the worker was hearing about our mission, my husbands testimony and a few of the numerous stories my husband likes to tell. It was a great missionary moment for him, and the worker seemed to be grateful my husband shared so much info. So if you know anyone who could benefit from such a conversation, no need to involve the state, I can just have my husband call them! 

I was asked by many, why I share our life so publicly. I started a family website years ago, to help keep family/friends up to date on our ongoings. Then I got into blogging. I was blessed to find other bloggers who were similar to my family. I found large families, some off grid frugal type families, homesteaders, home birthing families  home schooling families   etc. I felt inspired by them and comforted to know, even tho I didnt know them in person, I was not alone in my journey.... There were other crazy people out there. 

I share so that I can help others. When things like this happen I do  question why I put myself out there.. but then I get messages and emails like this one..

"I find you hugely inspirational and I am so glad you blog. I had been wondering about you, if you deal with a lot of criticism. I feel like with every choice we make, no matter how small, I loose support along the way. It feels so sad sometimes. I know that the choices I make are for the overall good of my family but it can really sting at times, especially when it's from family or friends. Even the people who have stuck by us we tend to keep things from. We are from ------, now living in rural ------, and were raised very VERY different from the way we are raising our kids. Our friends and and family think we're doing things so out of the normal that were causing harm. We happen to feel it's the "normal" that causes the real harm. We're expecting our 8th baby in March and have not even told people (only a VERY select few) yet. I'm just too happy to have anyone saying those awesome little things they like to say {sarcasm} ;p I just don't want to hear it. Anyway, had to get that off my chest. Your family is awesome. Thank you for opening your life. It makes me feel less alone."

So you will continue to see our journey unfold every week on the blog. We are pretty thick skinned and feel the Lord is on our side. And if you happen to see a family who is struggling in some way or another, or you feel they are lacking in some way, open your heart and maybe even your wallet. And if you cant be kind and supportive, then maybe you need to sit and pray or meditate for a bit. 

So back to the homestead updates...

Quinten is still in charge of meals. He does the majority of the cooking and loves it. He wants to open up a restaurant. Maybe next summer we can get him something going!

We picked up a counter than was donated to us. We hope to get that put in next week. We have been working on getting a bit more organized inside, but as anyone who has ever moved knows, its hard to live out of boxes. We have a while before we get all the shelves up and our storage under control. We have an outdoor kitchen set up in the meantime. 

If you missed it, I posted a Q & A last week

Sunday we attended church in the first time in many months. Its a long story to the reasons behind our absence, maybe one day I will blog more about that
 Zachary was baptized and confirmed Sunday. He has been literally counting down to this moment since he was 3. You can see the excitement in the first photo, ( before pic). I am grateful a friend got an after pic, since I had forgotten! 

It was a very blessed day. Zachary is our 5th child to be baptized. Jacob gave a talk on the Baptism and Quinten gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Joe baptized Zachary and he was then confirmed by Joe and several of the brethren.  

Monday we had some errands to run and we took a break to head out to the springs for a hike. 

Additional Photos
 hiking out in our woods
View from the property, by the cabin 

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  1. Hooray!! Congratulations, Zachary!!! I wish we could have been there! Love the updates and the pics, and am I the only one who sees a pair of hands forming a heart in that pic of the tree with 2 trunks? Cool! Love you guys!

  2. Awwwe, right in the feels <3

    Pictures are soooo beautiful!

  3. Eleven days! Argh. I tell you...nevermind. I am sorry to hear about your phone call.

    My oldest three have accepted Christ as their savior and been baptized. Congrats to Zachary. (I am sure it is a bit different considering you are LDS and we are not.)

    I am enjoying the pictures so keep them coming.

  4. Amazing photos by my favorite "photographer" as always. Love the tree with the heart in it. May God bless your family in every way on this journey.


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