October 27, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 101~ Moving Week

On the Homestead

Its been one busy week. 
We spent Sunday fixing the driveway for the cabin delivery on Monday 

Monday the cabin arrived! 

I had to work Tues and Wed but the family moved everything over.
We have outside stuff outside. 
I spent Thursday organizing a bit.


Jacob and Dad working on the compost toilet. 

 We have a quite a bit to do to finish out the cabin. We will do little by little as the budget allows. Our first project is heat. We are using a propane heater for now, we plan to install the wood stove soon, we just have to acquire and install a chimney. But this is what the path to independence looks like! 

Additional Photos
 Lucas found a hole.. He was fascinated with it. 

Zachary loves fishing. 

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  1. A blank slate to arrange to fit your needs... awesome!

  2. That's an awesome cabin, what a great idea, we might look into one of those. Do you have links? How much is a cabin like that?


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