July 21, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 32~ Photography is a Dangerous Hobby

Homestead Happenings
Tuesday afternoon we were down at the creek. I was taking photos of the bumble bee (see photos below). Unfortunately, I stepped in a yellow jacket nest. Apparently I really pissed them off, They chased me down. I was stung 5 times on my left foot and twice on my right, and once on my left hand. 

This was the next day, I was extremely swollen by Wednesday night. I took a little Tylenol and antihistamine and the swelling has bee going down. The ice had worked the best, but my left foot is very bruised. Feeling much better now, but still feeling the effects. 

Outside of that things are going great. We had some amazing storms this week and the blister beetles seem to be gone for the most part. We have gathered a few cucumbers and a few zucchini from the garden. We planted carrots and some herbs. Lavender and Oregano. 

Ezra's communication has blossomed this week. He has really grasped some logical thinking. Lucas has now joined the ranks of the big boys. He too has been displaying a new stage of development. He is very attentive and I am amazed how much he is retaining. He really mimics the olders habits and behaviors when it comes to daily routines.  Its such a blessing to watch them grow. 

The older ones have been having a lazy summer. We go to the creek almost every day to cool off in the afternoons. They have been reading books like crazy. 

On Our Bookshelf

The Little's Books 

The Older's Books
The Boys are starting the Hardy Boys Series and
Abigail is knee deep into Nancy Drew

The Schooling Books
Jacob is reading Thomas Sowell's book Basic Economics
Isaac is reading human body books, he is fascinated with how the body works
I am reading A Well Trained Mind, rather scanning through it taking notes and I am readin John Stossels book No, You Can't.. Almost done! 

Additional Photos of Our Week

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful! It is growing so tall. I am sorry to hear you were attacked by those yellow jackets though. If it's any consolation, your bee photos are fabulous!

  2. Well, the bee photos are pretty cool...I hope your feet and hand are better! Ouch!

    And the garden looks great! Isn't that corn? Our corn is only about 3 feet tall, but we're starting to get some cobs!

  3. *O*U*C*H* I am sorry to hear you were stung so many times. I had the same thing happen last week while I was mowing, but only got stung once. The whole top of my right foot and down the left side were swollen and really red. Praying you get some relief soon!

    I have enjoyed perusing your blog.....I will definitely be returning!



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