March 03, 2011

Assignment #14

Sell, Sell, Sell

Simplicity is key to an inexpensive household. Go thru your clothes, jewelry, dishes etc and purge.

Set aside a reasonable amt for you to keep on hand. For me a tote of clothes on top of the 10 outfits we currently have set out is reasonable per person.  Extra clothes means two things. Some never get worn or we spend 2X the amt of time doing laundry. That also costs $. Set aside one set of dishes for you to use and some for when you have company. Go thru your jewelry, CD's, DVD's etc and see what you can sell there. Not only can you make some extra $ but you can make things simpler. Simple lives are less stressful and less expensive.

Places to sell include consignments, online stores, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon.


  1. Totally agree! I have multiple bags of clothing upstairs as well as a box of books right now. I don't sell them though - clothing goes to Salvation Army (because they have lower prices than Goodwill for families who need that) and the library (as THEY will sell the books for programs).


  2. we donate as well, esp since most of what we get was free and well worn. I know some people have "nicer" things and can sell them to pay off debt. But either way the declutter is WONDERFUL. I bet most people have over $1000 of stuff they can sell in their homes.

  3. I must do this too, I have been given some beautiful clothing that is not going to fit my growing belly and it's too good to throw out! I shall see how much I can make from it over the weekend, I just needed a push, lol!


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