May 26, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 129 & 130~ Out and About on the Property

On the Homestead

For starters, we have named our little one.. 

Mosiah Daniel. 

I have also realized that many people think Mosiah is a combination of Moses and Isaiah. 
Mosiah was a king of the Nephites at Zarahemlaa

Mosiah loves Quinten.. They bond well.. Every evening Quinten takes him for a walk around the cabin. Mosiah loves it..  

I am trying to make up some of these recipe memes. 

I love his smiles.. He is 7 weeks old here.. He is 8 weeks today. 

Abigail is our artist. She painted the fish below.. Its hard to see in the photo, but she used the brush to make texture. She is working with the littles when they do art. 

The next day Lucas wanted to paint again.. I told him Abigail was busy and he had to wait. 
He then yelled out the door to Abigail that Daddy wanted her.. What a little con artist! ( pun intended) 

Joe took the family on a hike to the back woods. The baby and I stayed home.. They got some great photos.. They had a blast.. So much to explore here!

I dont even recall how it began but Olivia and I decided to see how many drops of water fit on a penny.. Of course a penny was too small, we wanted to go big..... 24 drops on the quarter. 

This is Quinten's rocket stove, for water.. He has a larger set up for cooking, although cooking can be done on this, cooking for 12 requires a larger cooking space 

Its a simple chimney style stove. The bricks are staggered to keep minimal airflow in the stack. It only requires a small amount of timber and flames reach the top as you can see. You can boil water in just a few minutes.. 

 This is the rocket stove we use to cook meals on, we have two of them.. They hold a bigger fire, longer. Quinten used this firebox to make muffins for dessert.

Our Adventures

Down by the Ohio River..

I took this photo of our family . Sans me, as I am the one with the camera.

Back Row: Jacob (15) Quinten (13) Joseph, The Homestead Husband, Abigail (11) Isaac (10)
Front Row: Zachary (8) Ezra (4) Olivia (7) Mosiah ( 7 weeks) Lucas (2) Urijah (6)

Additional Photos 

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  1. So much to say here--the most handsome little baby boy with such a beautiful smile and strong name; the artwork by Abigail and the littles--awesome; the outside adventures and great pics--LOVE it all!


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