January 01, 2013

A New Year, Some New Goals...

Its hard to believe 2013 is upon us! 

I am not one for New Years Resolutions. I think when one decides to to something, the decision to change should be made then. If you fail, you try again tomorrow. I personally feel many New Year Resolutions fail, is because we have this feeling, if we do fail, we just wait till Jan 1 rolls around again.

But I am one for goals. Goals are good. We can set them high or low and can work towards them, as we flourish and fail. If at first you don't succeed., keep trying.

Last year I made 12 goals for 2012. I decided to take a look back and see how many I had accomplished.

1. Read the Book of Mormon... I started reading it a few months back, but my goal is to have it completed this year.... sadly this did not happen. I did however make it through 2 Nephi. We are doing it as a family lesson using the seminary guide. I will admit part of my lack of reading was me just putting it off, the other was because I tend to gravitate more to reading Church history, D&C and Conference talks. My goal this year is to finish the Book of Mormon, and D&C.

2. Plant a Garden.... We planted lots of things, we just weren't very successful. However, we will do better this year having learned all the things we did wrong!

3. Raise $500 for our school ( see details here).   We made it!! Thanks to everyone who donated! This year our goal is $700.

4. Put $1000 into savings.. Savings plan take two!

5. Have a 3 month food storage. We did manage to do this, but it didn't last very long. This year we hope to have more garden food.

6. Go camping with the family. I will count this one as successful  We spent 10 months living off grid in our home. We even slept in tents in the yard a few times this summer. Maybe this year we will take a day trip somewhere, I have some ideas, but hey, we still can camp in our yard!

7. Learn a new skill. I actually did/am doing this. I have been practicing sewing things by hand, and now have a sewing machine to help. My goal this year is to get good at it!

8. Be Positive. This was the hardest one I think! I have had so much adversity this year. I will try harder to be positive in 2013!

9. Go to the Temple with my husband. Sadly this never happened  We have to have a day to set aside, gas money to go, a sitter for the children and the stars to align just perfectly. And now I face new challenges. We do live closer now, so I hope to get there this year. I hope we can go as a family, as two of my sons are old enough to do baptisms.

10. Establish a home business. We did not get this done either, but we have some things in the making right now, praying we can achieve this in 2013.

11. Learn more about homeopathy, and incorporate it into our diets. I have done a little better with this, but mostly we have learned to eliminate most of the processed foods we had been consuming. I hope to do continue my studies this year.

12. Spend more time living the Gospel. I think I could have done much better. I have made some changes in my lifestyle. I suppose this really depends on how each individual perceives me. There is always room for growth in this area.

and #13 for 2013...
Do more Blogging and less Facebook. Facebook is a great tool for networking but I find people have way too much time and they spend it looking for ways to start trouble. I am much happier when I stick to blogging! I also think I can help more people with blogger.

What are your goals for 2013?


  1. Goals? Hmm...I never make goals simply because it's a new year. I guess I'm weird like that, but I do hope to become healthier this year by losing more weight and being more active...having more patience and calmness in everything...declutter and organize the entire house...and spend less time on the computer.

  2. I haven't done resolutions for a few years. Instead I have done personal words of the year. Last year mine was "faith". The year before was "forgiveness". This year it is "strength". They each have personal meaning for me and I really try to focus on my word.

  3. This is a great idea, to do goals rather than resolutions.

    We've actually decided to do the same, though we have fewer goals.

    And... I blogged about it. :)




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