August 21, 2011

Managing A Large Family… Schedules & Rewards

I have created so many chore charts, reward systems I can't even remember them all.. These systems are usually versatile and applicable to our families structure at that given time. I often scour the internet for ideas and modify them for our family. This is our current system 

First we have a scheudle, or as I prefer, a routine. 

(I wanted to point out an "error".. Lunch is after mentoring and personal study.. aka "school time")

We also have a chore wheel 
The chore wheel works as such..
First we have two types of chores in our home. Personal Chores- ie making your bed, taking care of your clothes, etc. And Family Chores. This chart applies to family chores.
I took the chores we had already had assigned.

The chores are as follows:
    these chores are done 3x day- 15 min chore
Kitchen: wash table, chairs,  sweep
Living Room: Clear off couches, pick of floor and sweep
Bathroom: clean counters, wipe toilet, sweep floor
School Room: Put away supplies, sweep
Pantry: make dishes food are put away properly, sweep
Dishes: wash dishes, put away clean ones

    these are the done as needed chores
Van: cleaning out the inside of the van as needed
Laundry: take laundry from dryer and help fold towels
Porch: porch/yard clean and free of clutter
Meal Helper : Prepare dinner or help prepare dinner depending on age. 
Stairs & Hall: sweep hall, bedrooms and stairs
Play room: pick up toys put up books sweep

I have the chores divided in to partner teams.

Jacob 12 and Urijah 3 
Quinten 10 and Ezra 1
Abigail 8 and Olivia 4
Isaac 7 and Zachary 5
The chart can be rotated as you wish.. I have been rotating it daily and it is working well. ( the chore wheel is stationary, the name wheel rotates) This is by far the easiest system I have implemented. We have been using it for months. 

This is our bulletin board in our school room 

 the rewards ladder, is as it says. Do good, move up, do wrong move down.. At the end of the day a reward is given based on our position on the chart. We just started the ladder, so its a new system for us and we have not worked out the kinks yet.

Rewards List
Points can be traded for
computer minutes 1pt=1 min 
5-20 points
25-45 points
Prize from treat box 
50-70 points
Watch tv with mom /dad 
75-85 points
Prize from treasure box 
90-95 points
Get out of chore free card 
100 points
Special activity with Mom/Dad

Is there a household management trick  you want to know about?  Send me a note using  the contact me button on the side bar. 

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