June 12, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 132~ Long Week

On the Homestead
For us homeschoolers, Spring is like summertime. We do a little homestead work in the am then its all outside play for the rest of the day. 
The pond is the family hotspot. 

Ezra is practicing holding his breath. 

Maggie came to visit me while I was taking photos

Olivia will do backflips all day

My grand mother sent these cute little booties for Mosiah. She has been crocheting again to build up the strength in her hands. 

I guess they dont spend all day outside.. They come in for a bit to play marbles 

Abigail drew this beautiful horse

Issac drew this portrait of me at work 

Our Adventures
I started a new grooming job.  After last Christmas I took a job that promised a higher commission. After Mosiah was born, and I was home with him, the shop owner decided she couldn't afford to support me. So instead of going back to work when Mosiah was a week old, I spent the next few weeks job hunting.. I found a temp grooming job at a place I knew better to work at. Fortunalty I didn't have to stay long as a new opportunity opened up. This is a boarding and grooming facility and I run the grooming side. 

With a new job I had a super busy week.. So busy this weeks Homestead Journal was delayed in posting!
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  1. Your new job is going well. I enjoy seeing all the work you.

    Questions about your pond. Is it spring fed? Is is stagnate? Just curious. The "bad bacteria" side of me would worry about those mutant bacteria getting into the mucous membrane and causing serious illness. I wonder if the water could be tested somewhere to be sure. Anyway, it looks like they have a ton of fun playing in it. Infection is so slim a chance it isn't worth worrying over, right? :) So much more fun to see kids enjoy exploring and creative play. When I was a kid, I could never do back flips. Freaked me out to do anything backward.

    What is the black thing going into the water?

  2. The black thing is an overflow pipe.. It makes a great launch pad :)

    I had those same concerns.. we have not had the water tested.( we do plan to and make it a natural pool) . It is fed from a very small dry creek in the woods..My litmus test has been that the dogs and goats have been drinking from the pond since October.. None have been sick from it..

  3. Wow! Looks like she's good at those flips!


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