June 01, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 131~ The Garden is Growing!

On the Homestead

I love this time of year. The warn sunny days, a cool of rain in the evening and a cool damp morning. This was taken on one such morning.. this is my road, I was about to pull out of my driveway. 

Did a little exploring with the younger children. 
Here are the 5 in 5.
Zachary 8, Olivia 7, Urijah 6, Ezra 4, Lucas 2

Olivia prefers "boy clothing" most of the time.. Ezra will wear anything, I usually let them dress themselves.

( In case anyone was curious about my children's attire)

One of the trails the children have made. 

Little Monkey! 

Still trying to keep up with the rapid growth the rains have encouraged. 
These are black berries and they are everywhere. We will be tagging plants this spring/summer with marking tape so we know what to cut back in the fall.
I want to build fences and grow poles for the berries, honeysuckle etc.. We have a few trees being taken over by the honeysuckle. 


Our apple tree


This is why a water source was necessary. Cheaper and more convenient than a water park

We plan to build a little beach area for the littles and look into some natural water filtering for natural pools.. We can sure find a way to have fish and a swimming spot! 

The pond has been a hot spot now the afternoons are warm and sunny. And we have an official life guard on duty. You can see him in the woods in the back there.. In the shade with full view of the pond, watching attentively. With a family as big as ours, its nice to have an extra set of eyes.. He is always looking out for everyone, dogs, goats and children.

Additional Photos

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  1. My original comment deleted.. ;-(

    I love your pictures. Your garden is looking great.
    On a side note- who cares how your children choose to dress. They always look like they are having such fun with no care in the world. When Michaela was little she lived in overalls and workboots. Children should be able to wear what they want with no issues. Michaela still doesn't dress very girly girl. Skirts and/dresses she usually waits until she attends church with me. Other than that she lives in jeans and t-shirts.

  2. That is a beautiful view from your driveway. Your children look so happy. Can you write a post about expenses involved in starting a homestead. We recently bought raw land and are starting from scratch. Please keep posting weekly homestead updates I Love reading them!

  3. Thanks for helping us keep up with your family. I need to take more time to do that. At least you can keep up with our puppies, lol.


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