January 27, 2014

Monday Meal Plan ~ Week 19

I have been working to try to journal our meals. I forget often, and then try to remember on Sundays when I have time to blog. Its been tricky! 

Things to Remember

I try to post as much info as time allows, but if you have a specific question, please ask.. I will be happy to answer. Don't forget to choose the option to receive notifications to posts when you comment.. otherwise you may never know I answered! :)

I try to do bulk shopping once a month a fill in weekly as needed, although lately we have been doing more weekly shopping. We do a pantry build, so we tend to buy large quantities of basic food items. This is not just because we have a large family, although it helps, but this method also works great for smaller families and even single people. I like to shop sale/clearance items. I rarely use coupons. I will also include here random non-food grocery items, as I do include that in our budget. We shop for ingredients, not meals. This saves money and we eat a bit better I think.

Trouble with Meal Planning
as many of you have experienced, meal planning can get you in a rut. Our meals are generally the same and there has been a lot of random meals this week. We have been rotating through some boxed meals that were donated. We tossed what was inedible or unsuitable for us ( hamburger helper is a heart attack waiting to happen!) But there were some rice mixes we used up and added to other meals.

Next week Abigail will be in charge of meals. Quinten wanted to spend more time on outside projects and Abigail was more than willing to take his place. 

Shopping List

1 pkg plastic spoons $1.35
22 yogurts .40
1 pkg cheese $1.09
1 lb butter $3.09
2.62lbs bananas .59lb
1 pkg wipes $1
2 bags chips $1.99
5.45lbs apples $1.28lb
13 loaves bread .79
2.29lbs broccoli $1.89lb
2 rolls paper towels $1
1 pkg toilet paper $2.59
3 pkg margarine .99
2 half gallon ice cream $2.50
1 pkg chips $1.99
4 bags tortilla chips $1
3 bags pretzels $1.67
2 bags gummy bears $1.50
2 boxes saltine crackers $1.50
2 1lb butter $3.09
1 pkg wipes $1
1 pkg diapers $5.49
1 bottle apple juice $1.88
1 pkg wipes $1.49
3 1lb bags cheese $3.29
3 containers hot coco $2.57
5 1lb boxes elbow noodles .88
2 1lb bags black beans $1.29
1 jar salsa $1.50
2 jar jelly $1.72
1 jar mayo whip $2.69
10 cans tuna .89
9 boxes Mac & Cheese .67
1 3lb bag pinto beans $3.79
2 cans ravioli $1
1 10lb bag potatoes $3.99
5.68lbs apples .$1.19lb
4.12 lbs roma's $1.19
2 3lb bags apples $2.69
1 jar relish $1.39
1 jar mustard .9
3 heads lettuce $1.29
2 loaves bread $1
1 loaf bread .59
5 pkgs Smokies Sausages $1.49


Sav A Lot

2 12oz bags raisins $1.99
1 oreo snack .49
8 42oz containers oatmeal $2.49

Dollar General
1 box Oatmeal Creme Pies $1.75
1 box Little Debbie Brownies $1.75
8 Christmas clearance candy .25
2 boxes Cheese Nips $1.95
2 boxes vanilla wafers $1.70

Dollar Tree
4 kids toys
2 bags popcorn
2 bags chips
1 flashlight
1 nutcracker
1 pkg brown paper bags
1 storage box
2 pkgs batteries
1 deodorant
1 muscle rub
1 calcualtor
1 door hook
1 powder
1 writing tablet
1 pk pens

4 1lb boxes small shells $1
4 jars alfredo sauce $1.50

Total week spending $254.70 Total month spending (Jan) $709.36  Total year spending  $709.36

*If for some reason you think we aren't eating right, then no worries, just move along. I assure you my family is extremely healthy and our diet sustains my very energetic free range children.

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