September 02, 2011

Vaccine post

I share this with my friends, because there is much misinformation on why parents choose not to vaccinate. (Page 1-2 is a letter I send out to those who request our shot records)

To Whom it may concern,

This is our family’s letter of reason for choosing not to vaccinate our children. Attached to it is a note from my Family Doctor (Dr. Stetler MD) who has signed us off as being perfectly healthy and acceptable for entrance into the Public Schools System.

Let me first say, that I have been researching vaccines since my first child was conceived. About 6 yrs of research. I firmly believe in knowing exactly what is being put into my children’s bodies…just as I always read the labels before I purchase my products. I don’t blindly trust a company or person. I believe in finding the truth and the real facts. Thus, my research in vaccines has been a 6 yr ongoing journey. I have now accumulated over 700 pages of scientific articles/journals, and studies on vaccines that are in binder and free to anyone who wants to educate themselves. I have read both sides to the vaccine story. I know the supposed “Risks and Benefits.” For a time I thought about more a friendly, spread-out vaccine schedule, but as I continued to research I decided vaccines were not the right route of prevention for disease--for my family.

My family sees a Naturopathic Doctor, (Dr, Shelley Bluett), who has the same amount of yrs of education as a MD. She does not encourage vaccines to her patients. She does however believe we are in a new age where there is a better and safer route of disease prevention. She has the knowledge in how to prevent and treat my children when they are sick. The only time my 5 yr old child has ever come down with something serious enough for an ER visit was when my ND was on vacation and unable to treat her. Therefore she received the typical round of antibiotics used to treat her supposed Pneumonia (which was not even cultured or confirmed). The typical length of days for which my children are sick is 2-3 days. The supplements my ND treats them with are amazingly effective. Even when my daughter had chicken pox…she recovered quickly with only about 20 pox total and felt absolutely fine…as if she wasn’t sick at all. My 2 yr old has been sick but a few times and never needed an antibiotic. Both my children are on preventive supplements for when I take out into the public…so they seldom get sick and I’m very thankful for that.

My family also sees a Family Doctor (Dr, Stetler, MD). I like to have 2 opinions rather than one. Though he is not against vaccines he is fine with my decision not to vaccinate. He has a more wholistic approach to health and believes the main source of prevention comes from healthy eating habits and good hygiene, which my family puts into practice. I asked him if he was concerned at all for my children and he replied “Not at all.” He said I was already very educated and doing the things I needed to promote good health in my children. We agreed that if he foresaw a threat or pandemic and thought my children needed a vaccine, we would then consider that route.  

Below are the facts about vaccines that have persuaded me not to vaccinate my children at this time. You can look up any vaccine insert and find these facts to be true. This is all info from CDC’s own website.

Vaccines have never been tested on children less than 6 months.

Vaccines have never been tested on pregnant women.

Vaccines have never been tested on people who are stricken with disease...chronic illness...autoimmune disease...or a compromised immune system...or just anyone sickly in general.

Vaccine studies have yet to be tested against a placebo… they have only been tested against another vaccine or one with the same additives, which is not a true placebo and will skew the adverse reaction results.  This also means that the current vaccine studies are both unethical and the results are subjective.

Vaccines have never been tested in a combination series. When the insert claims that its particular dosage is safe, it’s based on that one shot, not based on the true dosage the child is getting by receiving multiple shots during a wellness visit. This is a huge warning flag as far as I am concerned. If the doctor is not paying attention to this…what else is he/she not paying attention to?

Every single vaccine insert has this statement in it “…has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility.”

Mercury is still in 10 vaccines...DTaP, DTaP/HIB, DT, HEP b, Hep A/ Hep B, ALL 5 FLU SHOTS, JE-VAX, Meningococcal (Menveo), Td (Decava...c), TD (Massachusetts), Rabies. SOME of these vaccines have trace amounts and that also DEPENDS on whether it’s a single-dose or multi-dose, even trace amounts add up... and CAN cause problems for individuals.

Being a pro-life Christian I cannot in good conscience inject Human Diploid cells from aborted fetus cells into my children. Human Diploid cells (such as WI-58, A-27, MRC-5, PER C6) are in the Rubella, Hepatitis A, MMR, Rabies, shingles, and Chicken Pox vaccines. There is also research being done and evidence showing that human diploid cells can mutate once injected into the body and will cause various forms of cancer.

Vaccines contain documented toxins…formaldehyde (a carcinogen), aluminum (neurotoxin), mercury (neurotoxin), MSG (excitotoxin), polysorbate 80 (produces infertility in lab rats).

Vaccines produced on contaminated cells may in turn be contaminated, leading to seroconversion or disease in the vaccine. Such as Monkey kidney cells, or Bovine cells, Chicken embryos…etc. All these cells have viruses that have to be filtered out and there is a plenty of research showing it isn’t being done very well. Also from a common sense approach, it just doesn’t make sense to mix Animal DNA with Human DNA.  “Science simply does not have enough knowledge at this date to be tampering with the consequences, unintended or not.”

My daughter has an egg allergy and possible latex allergy, and autoimmune disease runs on both sides of our family. These in combination increase her chances for adverse reactions.

The risk of adverse reactions, both immediate and long term, such as cancer, autoimmune disease, etc, outweighs the true potential that my child will get deathly ill from a childhood disease. Therefore I choose to not vaccinate.

Please note too, that I at first sign of sickness in my children I keep them at home until they are no longer contagious, and we boost their immune system with supplements. I believe strongly in quarantining person when they are contagious.

Here are some links below if you are concerned over spread of disease by a non-vaxed person. It’s just as likely or more so for a disease to be spread by a vaxed individual. These are well established medical journals and references.

As if the above info isn’t enough to hold me off on vaccinating my kids, there is plenty of more info on the dangers of vaccines and the trade-off we are now seeing, the unexplained rise in cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological disease, autism. A recent study stated ½ of Americans now suffer from a chronic illness ( So how does the pro-vax movement claim we are such a healthy society do to vaccines, free of disease, yet the studies show we are in fact a very sick nation?

1 in 3 children suffer from chronic disease.

1 in 50 have autism.

7.9 million died from cancer in 2007 and that is expected to increase to 11.5 in 2030.

22 million individuals in the United States have an autoimmune disease.

Leukemia, brain cancer, and other childhood cancers, which have increased by more than 20% since 1975.[2]

Asthma, which approximately doubled in prevalence between 1980 and 1995 and has stayed at the elevated rate.[5][6]

Difficulty in conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy affected 40% more women in 2002 than in 1982. The incidence of reported difficulty has almost doubled in younger women, ages 18–25.[7][8][9]

"26 million Americans have diabetes. Gallup-Healthways notes if current trends continue, more than 37 million will be living with the disease by the end of 2015."

“Dr. Michael Odent has written a letter in the JAMA (1994) where his figures show a five times higher rate of asthma in pertussis immunised children compared to non-immunised children. He is also quoted in the International Vaccination Newsletter (Sept. 1994): "Immunised children have more ear infections and spend more days in hospital."

A big argument that keeps people holding on to the benefit of vaccines is the claim that vaccines eradicated many diseases. However, not everyone agrees on the history of eradication of such diseases by vaccination.

“It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated." - Dr. Glen Dettman.”

Some charts show that vaccines were given undue credit--when disease was already on the decline before introduction of vaccines, due to better sanitation, cleaner water, etc), And even if vaccines where the best method for reducing disease at one point in history, who is to say that it is STILL the best way to go about it now?  This is the question some doctors are now looking at. There were plenty of medical procedures in our history that would now be laughed at. And most of the field has been by trial and who is to say vaccines were/and are now- not the error? What if we are trading in childhood infectious disease for chronic illness…which is far more debilitating?  What if we are being lied to about the seriousness of such diseases like Polio to scare us into vaccination…when the real facts about Polio are quite the contrary?

 ”About 1-5% develop polio symptoms and recovery just fine. Less than 1% of polio cases result in paralysis of the limbs (usually the legs). Of those cases resulting in paralysis, 5-10% of the patients die when the respiratory muscles are paralyzed. The risk of paralysis increases with age." That means over 95% of the population recover from Polio without even knowing they had it. “

“I think that no person would permit anybody to get close to them with an inoculation if they would really know how they are made, what they carry, what has been lied to them about them and what the real percent of danger is of contracting such a disease which is minimal."---Dr. Eva Snead

 There is also new concern that the unvaxed child will spread illness to the vaxed child. Which should make everyone wonder about the true efficacy of the vaccine itself? It’s also a very uneducated assumption that a unvaxed kid is more responsible for the spread of disease than a vaxed kid. The reality is, and the studies can be read, that even in communities where there is a 100% vax rate, diseases like pertussis will still come forth.

And not to mention freshly vaxed children can be shedding a virus for up to 3 weeks...this is well known fact in the medical journals below. So why is the healthy vax-free child, showing no symptoms of disease, being blamed for carrying a supposed silent disease, while the newly vaxed child is sure to have the virus and is in fact shedding it for a short time afterwards. Doesn’t it make more sense to assume that the vaxed child in the doctors office is responsible for spreading a disease to another child.

Below are just some of the studies done on vaccines that have in fact spread the disease it was suppose to prevent... or simple did nothing to stop it.

Pertussis Spread by Vaccine

"I think we are seeing that everywhere where vaccinated children whom would not expect to see get infected, get infected nevertheless.”“I think we have to be honest and try to find out what’s happening.” Mooi says.

Measles Spread by Vaccine

“Overall, measles virus RNA was detected in 10 of 12 children during the 2-week sampling period. In some cases, measles virus RNA was detected as early as 1 day or as late as 14 days after vaccination. Measles virus RNA was also detected in the urine samples from all four of the young adults between 1 and 13 days after vaccination.”

Polio Spread by Vaccine

Rotavirus Spread by Vaccine

Page 50:The latest shedding that we saw was 15 days from dose one.We had no subjects that shed after dose two, and only one subject shed after dose three. He shed four days from dose three.

Page 51:A: The quantities were low, similar to what we saw in phase 2 studies, as well.
We also had two placebo recipients that shed, and of course, this raised a red flag for us.B: Could this have been transmission of vaccine virus from vaccine recipients to placebo recipients?

A: We did a very thorough investigation looking for opportunities for a vaccine transmission to occur and did not find anything. These children were not siblings of a vaccine recipient. They didn’t attend day care with vaccine recipients. They didn’t have a common caretaker with the vaccine recipient, and in the office and clinic in which they were vaccinated, they were not exposed to vaccine recipients.

Page 70:Question and answer section -Then with respect to the possibilities of how these children ended up with vaccine strains in their stool, we really could not find the answer for that. We even went so far as to look and see like on the day that that child was in the clinic, were other children getting vaccine, you know, right before or after them?And that was not the case. So it has been a puzzle, and we don’t have an answer as to why these children had vaccine strains in their stool.

Chicken Pox Spread by Vaccine

“Half the subjects had VZV DNA present in swabs obtained from skin inoculation sites at 10 minutes after immunization. In all, 21 subjects (58%) had VZV DNA in their saliva shortly after vaccination. At 2 weeks, 11 subjects still had viral shedding in saliva, as did 10 at day 20 and 2 subjects at day 28.”

“The researchers said they could confirm the diagnosis using varicella polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in about half of the skin specimens collected from children with suspected herpes zoster, and about one-third of these were attributed to vaccine-type virus.”

I hope this gives u a little more understanding on why parents choose not to vaccinate. There is a lot of misinformation about us anti-vax folk. I believe the new tactic to boost up vaccine sales are to switch from fear tactics to we saw displayed on the “Today” show this morning. Making pro-vax parents distance themselves from non-vax parents. And making parents fearful that no doctors will see their children unless they are vaxed. That’s simply not the case. I too would have vaccinated my child if the only one I believed was my child's doctor who was telling me my child might die from one of these illnesses. There are a whole host of other things my child will most likely die of before a childhood disease. And that's a fact based on the true percentages straight from CDC's own site. There's a difference in actually getting the disease, showing symptoms, and dieing from it. Make sure u get those percentages straight.

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  1. Bravo!

    You're the only person I've found who shares the same logical, rational rationale for not vaccinating as me. I'm so glad you've typed it all out.. i get asked all the time and just defer with there are too many reasons to last in the short time you're wanting am explanation. I too food tons of research verifying Cdc reports and studies and you've made all the same points I've been trying to for years.

    The few additions in my reasoning i didn't see you mention are
    - the fact that Merck employees do not vaccinate their own children or grandchildren
    - the fact that if anything went wrong the state will tell you it was your choice to vaccinate
    - doctors performing vaccinations without your consent can be prosecuted for adapt with a deadly weapon (don't remember if i eve verified this with case law, but it amused me)
    - my children are fine with herd immunity as long as there are still so many people attacking me for my beliefs and vaccinating their own children
    - i don't know if you've spent time in the cdcs reports of vaccination related illness and read all the heartbreaking tales of mothers who lost babies to adverse reactions. . My firstborn had severe reactions to his first set that opened my eyes to it and I've been terrified he could have died from encephalitis or the allergy could be hereditary and not vaxed any of my kids since
    - my last birth the doctor tried to force a vax on my newborn after i told them i had never had stds, i had to assure them i did NOT intend to have asexual relations with our share IV drug needles with my newborn for him to have a risk of contacting it! ! The fact that they rock mom's into vaxing newborns for something you can only contact through those ways is ludicrous!


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